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Cyprus Tax services deliver Efficiently, Professionally and Securely by combining technology and human interaction. You can now easily and conveniently provide us with your tax information which we will use to prepare your Cyprus income tax form.

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How it works


Securely provide your information

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Get paired with a tax accountant

Next, your information will be passed to one of our certified accountants who will connect with you using your preferred form of communication, if required.
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We prepare and submit your tax form for you

Your dedicated accountant will prepare the tax form and send to you for approval. Finally, if instructed, we will also file the tax return to the tax department.
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Cyprus Tax Registration

50(includes 19% VAT)
  • Registration to the Cyprus Tax Department

Income Tax form (individuals)

120(includes 19% VAT)
  • Income Tax form preparation (not self-employed)

Income Tax form (self-employed)

170(includes 19% VAT)
  • Income Tax form preparation (for self-employed)
Cyprus tax department

Visit the Cyprus Tax Department for more information on the Cyprus Taxes.