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Rental Income Tax Calculator

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Rental Income Tax Calculator

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Our Rental Income Tax Calculator – Cyprus  Tax

Our calculator quickly calculates your defence and GHS (GESY) contribution as well as the additional income tax from your property income.

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What are the tax rates applicable for rental income?2020-10-07T16:32:53+03:00

For individuals who are both tax resident and domiciled in Cyprus, the rental income is subject to 3% defence on the 75% total rental income. In addition, rent received after the 1/6/2020 is subject to 2.65% GESY contribution if the landlord is Cyprus resident. Finally, 80% of the rental income is subject to income tax after deducting interest on loans taken to purchase the property and wear & tear allowance of 3%/4% on the buildings value (excluding land).

How is the rental income taxed in Cyprus?2020-10-07T16:25:02+03:00

Rental income received by tax resident individuals is subject to income tax, defence and GESY contributions. Whether an individual is required to pay defence contributions depends on his/her tax residency and domicile. Only individual who are both Cyprus tax resident and domicile are required to pay defence. Whereas, the factor for paying GESY contributions is only the tax payers residency. Only Cyprus residences are required to pay GESY on their rental income.

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